Top Reasons to Hire Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Proper disposal of grease, fat, and oil in a commercial kitchen is one of the main challenges that most restaurateurs face these days. Disposing large amount of fat and oil, that is inevitable while cooking in a commercial kitchen, is not an easy task. It is crucial to dispose large amount of grease and oil properly, otherwise it can clog the sewer lines, or worse- cause foul smelling backups through kitchen sinks and drains. A multitude of problems that can arise due to improper maintenance of grease traps is one of the main reasons you need professional grease trap cleaning services ( http:www.DraneRanger/Grease-Trap-Cleaning-Service ).

Reasons to Hire Professional Grease Trap Cleaners

Although grease inceptors are designed to trap oil, fat, and grease from a commercial kitchen, every grease trap needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly so that it functions effectively. A grease trap will fail to function properly when it has reached its optimum level. Every business must have a grease trap with the right size, or else it will need to be emptied and cleaned every month. Some of the reasons to call in professionals to clean and empty the grease inceptors are as follows.


Cleaning commercial grease traps is a task that requires years of experience and expertise. Professional grease trap cleaners have the right skill set and state-of-the equipments to empty and clean the inceptors thoroughly. High power water jets are used to clean stubborn grease stains in the inceptors. Only a team of grease trap cleaning experts knows the technique of cleaning these traps in a hassle free manner.

Disposal of grease

In addition to collecting the grease from the inceptors, it is also important to dispose it safely without causing environmental pollution. Grease trap cleaning experts collect grease from the traps using special vacuum trucks, which collect and transport the waste material to a safe ground. Grease must be disposed legally in accordance with safety rules and regulations.

Maintains a schedule

Although grease inceptor is an important aspect of a commercial kitchen, restaurateurs often tend to overlook its maintenance, which can cause serious repercussions. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid issues such as sewer backups in kitchens, clogged drains, and sewer lines. When you hire professionals for the task, you can rest assure that they have an impeccable schedule to clean the traps on time. These experts maintain a record for the job done which also include a time schedule for the next cleaning session.

With the right grease trap cleaning service ( ) provider, you can ensure an efficiently functioning grease inceptor without the fear of foul smelling backups in the kitchen when your commercial restaurant is bustling with activity and customers!

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