Why Grease Trap Cleaning is So Important?

As an owner, it is certain that you have fitted a grease trap – a plumbing device used for trapping most of the solids and greases before they are transferred to the wastewater disposal system. The responsibility of the trap is to reduce the amount of oils, fats, and greases that enter the wastewater disposal system. Usually, the traps are installed within the sewer lines of a commercial kitchen. You do not need to have a grease trap at home as the quantity of grease produced in the home is much lower than the amount that these traps are generally built for. Since the traps collect unpleasant and unpalatable substances, most owners hire a professional for grease trap cleaning Houston ( http//DraneRanger/grease-trap-cleaning-Houston ) whose duty is taking care of all the debris trapped inside the grease trap.

The working of traps

Grease traps are important to the sewer procedure. Basically, the wastewater that flows regularly has small amounts of grease and oil that enter treatment facilities and septic tanks. The oil will form a layer on the top of the water which is then broken down and digested by various microorganisms. But, a huge amount of grease, oil, and fat can disrupt this procedure and untreated sewage can erupt in the environment. The way the traps perform is to reduce the flow of warm or hot greasy water and allows it to cool down. When the water starts cooling, the oil and the grease present in the water will separate and float to the top of the trap in a scum layer. After the debris has floated to the top, the cool water continues flowing down the pipe to the sewer and the grease and the oil gets trapped by the grease trap. After a certain period, grease and oil residue starts building up. This is the reason it is important to hire a professional. The fact is, safety and sanitation are the main components in most workplaces, but more important in cafeterias and restaurants.

Why and how often the trap should be cleaned?

By nature, grease traps need comprehensive cleaning and maintenance. If it is not cleaned and maintained then various issues can come up like the sewer system can get blocked. This will interrupt the operations for wastewater utility although the sewers will not be overflowing. To avoid such type of situations, it is best to contact a service firm for grease trap cleaning Houston ( ). Moreover, the service firms are equipped with proper compliance validation and documentation and they provide complete cleaning and maintenance of the grease trap in the Houston region. They ensure that the grease trap doors are cleaned to make sure the traps are functioning effectively and not interfering with the sanitary and safe running of your kitchen.

The trap must be cleaned once every 3 months.  If you are not sure whether the trap needs cleaning every 90 days, then follow the one-quarter method. It means if one-quarter of the traps get filled, it becomes ineffective and cleaning is required for preventing overflows, blockages, and leakages.

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