The Benefits of Using Reusable Produce Bags

As people are changing their ways of living by taking small steps like incorporating produce bags that can be reused several times and reduce as much as waste one can. In this article, we will focus on reusable produce bags ( www.organiccottonmart/reusable-produce-bags ) – the motivation to purchase, cost and quality, what purpose you can use them, materials used to manufacture these bags and many others.

Identifying one’s motivation and Materials

The little plastic bulk/produce bags may be convenient; however, they make a good percentage of single-use plastic waste every year. If you are willing to purchase reusable produce bags for making a difference in the environment, then you need to consider the material and its lifecycle like the type of material used, the manufacturing process and after the bag needs to be replaced by a new one then what impact it has on the environment when thrown.

The most common materials used are polyester, nylon, plastic, burlap, and cotton. When using plastic, polyester and nylon bags that involve some form of chemical process and even help in reducing the amount of waste plastic by reusing them, still they contribute harmful material to the environment at the end of their lifecycle. On the other hand, it is best to use burlap and cotton as they are biodegradable and does not cause any harm to the environment when they are disposed of.

Weave for satisfying your needs and Uses

Primarily, these bags focus around two weaves – muslin and mesh. Mesh weave is mainly used for large and firm vegetables, fruits, and nuts while muslin is suited better for softer and smaller versions of the same. Both these weaves are breathable thereby allowing proper airflow that helps the vegetables or fruits to remain fresh and the bags come in different sizes and you can choose according to your requirements.

Both the weaves are better but it will depend on your purpose of using the reusable produce bags ( ). If you want to shop regularly, choose muslin weave bags and buy several different sized bags together to get discounts from the store. You can take a different size bag daily to the market for buying different sized items. When buying large bags means you will carry more goods but the bag will also become heavier. So, you need to consider the weight of the bag and a good bag will have its weight imprinted on a tag so that you are paying only for the goods at the cash section.  If you want to store your items in a bag for a long period then buy mesh weave not just it is breathable but you can actually see what items are stored. In addition to these, you can also put herbs for drying and put your toiletries item in these by packing in your travel baggage. Please note, if you have lots of small, pointy items in your toiletries, a muslin bag is the ideal one.

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