Dentures- What Makes it One of the Best Dental Solutions?

Missing teeth can have a detrimental effect on your daily life by affecting everything from your ability to eat and talk to your self-confidence. Although dentures are perfect solutions to replace missing teeth and regain your confidence, not everyone is the right candidate for it. These dental appliances are affordable compared to dental implants as dentures involve non-invasive procedures with low-cost materials. Moreover, dentures are affordable in comparison to implants and it is one of the best tooth replacement options available in modern dentistry.

Partial and Full Dentures

Dentures are of two types-partial and full dentures. Partial dentures restore two or three missing teeth; on the other hand, full dentures replace your entire teeth when none of it is present in your mouth. Patients with missing teeth benefit from dentures as it helps to

• Improve self-confidence

• Improves appearance and smile

• Enhances the ability to chew food

• Supports facial muscles

• Comfortable and functional

• Improves speech

People with significant tooth loss can consider dentures in Springfield, VA ( http://www.dulacdds/dentures/ ), as it is not just affordable but also one of the most practical dental solutions to replace your missing teeth. However, it is important to know that an ideal candidate must have a healthy jawbone and gum tissue.

Traditional dentures are affordable but it is not a permanent teeth replacement solution. It only replaces the crown of the teeth and not the jawbone. On the contrary, implant-supported dentures stay in place as it is anchored to the jawbone. Traditional dentures do last for a long period with proper care and maintenance. Some of the best practices to care for your dentures include the following.

• Remove your dentures and brush them with non-abrasive toothpaste.

• Remove food particles and rinse it thoroughly after every meal.

• Take care to use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the surface of the denture.

• Make sure to store it in a mild denture cleaner or water every night. Remember never to use hot water or regular toothpaste on your dentures.

Who are Ideal Candidates?

If you have been experiencing difficulties with your natural teeth to the point of pain and low self-esteem, choosing dentures in Springfield, VA ( ), is a great option. Your dentist might recommend dentures if you have broken, infected or decayed teeth that are beyond repair. Damaged teeth can be painful and uncomfortable. When the extraction is the best option, it is important to consider alternative teeth replacement treatments as it prevents your facial muscles from sagging and appearing older than your actual age. Before you choose dentures for teeth replacement, consult your dentist to see if you are the right candidate for dentures. Dental issues must be addressed quickly to prevent the situation from exacerbating.

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