Difference Between a General Dentist and an Endodontist

When you have taken the time to read this article, chances are you want to be well informed about dental health. You thought of going through the post because your dentist has referred to an endodontist in Springfield, VA ( www.Dulacdds/endodontics ) and you want to learn more. Here you get to know the difference between a dentist and an endodontist and why you need to visit the later one.

Endodontists are a specialist lot. Just think of as equivalent to the relationship between a doctor and a cardiologist or a doctor and a gynecologist. Basically one is a general practitioner while the other is a specialist. All cardiologists are doctors but not all doctors are cardiologists. In the same way, the American Association of Endodontists states that all endodontists are dentists but only a few dentists are endodontists. Endodontists are referred to as specialists as they have undergone a few more years of specialized training after completing 4 years of dental school.

Although endodontists in Springfield, VA, and general dentists have some overlapping practice areas, however, both treat different dental problems. Endodontists do not clean teeth or place fillings. They perform root canal treatments and other methods related to the tooth pulp and the interior of the tooth that they have learned during the additional training. They are highly skilled professionals dedicated to preserving your teeth. In the majority of the cases, a diseased tooth can be cured with endodontic treatment. If you require a root canal, you may think your dentist will do the treatment. Although the dentist can do it perfectly well, the person may only perform two or three in a week. So, many dentists refer their patients to endodontists as they do an average of 25 root canal treatments per week. Moreover, they are skilled in the updated technology and techniques for painless and smooth root canal treatments.

Many patients get nervous about root canal treatments and endodontists know it very well and are experts in managing the pain and interested to set straight the belief that root canal treatments are tedious and painful. They always ensure that patients feel comfortable during treatments. They are equipped with high-end materials and equipment for making root canals easy and successful. Many endodontists also use the laser during the treatment as they are effective, painless and quiet. There is reputed endodontics in Springfield where the team is specialized to treat problems the inner part of the mouth and also provides tips for maintaining good oral health. Moreover, endodontists in Springfield, VA ( ) provide a safe environment for the patients and every member is dedicated to providing excellent patient care. They also focus on building healthy relationships with referring specialists and dentists.

Due to advancement in endodontics, endodontists can be able to use innovative technology for treating and saving your teeth that have suffered damage to your soft tissue present inside the roots of the tooth. Moreover, these highly skilled individuals do your treatment without causing much pain.

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