Dental Care and Millennials – Why Need to Visit a Dentist

The largest generation in the present century is millennials, so you may wonder that there are several dental patients who need treatment and regular checkups. However, experts are shocked to find that it is totally the opposite. There are a lot of millennials who actually never visit a dentist, so please stay on this page to learn more about millennials and dental care, why it is important for them and how they can take the initial step towards a healthier, cleaner and a beautiful smile.

A study by ADA (American Dental Association) states that only 30 percent of the millennials go to the dentist every year. As a result, more than 30 percent of millennials suffer from tooth decay that is left untreated and this is the highest percentage of any age group. Moreover, 35 percent of millennials have trouble biting and chewing while 38 percent of them face oral problems. The most common concern among them is tooth pain.  We will discuss why millennials are hesitant to opt for dental care in McLean ( ).

• Millennials whose financial condition is poor and unemployed cannot afford dental care.  Now, those who are employed and have health insurance, many of them are not having a separate dental insurance plan. So, money is a big concern that is why this age group tends to avoid dental visits. They also have the impression that if they are not experiencing any pain in the mouth, then their oral health is perfect. But, the reality is it is not the case as problems can occur without causing any pain. With checkups at regular intervals, problems can be detected in their early stages so that you can avoid costly as well as complex treatments in the future.

• Tech-savvy people are likely to search the net for health issues and start self-diagnosing. They feel that they need not have to worry about oral health, but this is actually not the case as the problems can exist without any symptoms. The millennials are likely to have beverages like sugary sodas, citrus drinks, energy drinks that are not good for oral health. The acids contained in the acids can weaken tooth enamel and the sugar can cause cavities. They also do not have a proper understanding of oral health and overall health, so they simply avoid taking care of their mouths.

Steps for good oral health

One in five millennials has reduced their socializing time due to inflamed gums or tooth pain. The serious matter is more than 28 percent of adults describe that the appearance of their teeth and mouth has affected their ability to appear for interviews. So, apart from flossing and brushing, you can go for dental care in McLean ( ) every 6 months for routine checkups and x-rays to get rid of your problems at the earliest. Millennials can buy affordable dental plans that do not have dental insurance so that you will get the care as well as cleaning for keeping your teeth healthy and the gums free from disease.

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