How to Increase Consumer Base with Weibo Marketing

Weibo in Chinese means microblogging is one of the biggest social media platforms in China with close to 500 million monthly active users, and over a billion video views on a daily basis. With such visibility on a large scale, it is an amazing platform for spreading your brand through Weibo marketing ( http//www.adstochina.westwin/Weibo-Marketing ).


Weibo has in-built advertising tools for helping your brand to reach among a wide audience. The advertising on Weibo is quite similar to other search and social media platforms in the Chinese market. Comparison to WeChat, Weibo CPM for cost per thousand impressions is cheaper. They also specifically target consumers in different ways like targeting users that are following other accounts, whether they are partnered with competitors or influencers. You can also target users that participate in previous marketing campaigns that help you to retain consumers and build long-term relationships.

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) Marketing

KOL are the influencers of the Weibo marketplace and play a pivotal role in the success of your Weibo marketing. When connecting with KOLs, you can offer them gifts or pay for gaining exposure from their promotion of your brand. A very special feature of Weibo is you can directly integrate with online retailers like Taobao and Tmall for KOL marketing. So, a Weibo influencer can able to post coupons or product links directly to the relevant product page on those online stores. KOL based marketing campaigns are very cost-effective that have a much lower CPM and higher chances to get successful.

Weibo lottery

If you are planning to attract customers through product giveaways, then go for the Weibo lottery. When you integrate the lottery system into your marketing campaign it will help in increasing the visibility of your brand to a large extent as the lottery will be shared among the consumers. Users in China do not fully trust lotteries that are organized by any brand, but with the Weibo lottery, you can able to convince users to share or like a lottery with their followers, friends, and family for a chance to win prizes. The lottery system is totally transparent that provides real-time winner lists that users can directly click on the lottery posting as well as share the post through a link.

B2B cross-promotion and Organic growth

A Weibo marketing campaign also includes Business-to-Business (B2B) cross-promotions. You can collaborate with other companies that have a similar following and help each other for building engagement and brand visibility on the platform.

You may also choose organic growth which is the most hands-off approach to Weibo marketing ( ) as it requires a lot of attention to make sure your posts are getting attracted by your followers as well as potential new followers.  You need to do A-B testing to make sure that you are getting the most out of your posts which should be of high quality which means sharing multiple times and increase in engagement. The posts are not displayed in a chronologically way in Weibo, so you require high engagement rates for your posts to be displayed to a large audience.

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