When You Know You’ve Found the Best Tanning Lotion

Summer is quickly approaching, and with summer comes those long, hot days filled with warmth and sunshine. Unfortunately, accompanying that abundance of sunshine comes the risk of sunburns. Many people would rather avoid this health damaging circumstance, instead opting for the convenience and ease of a tanning bed. With tanning beds, you get the sun kissed glow of the sun without the potential burning and subsequent damage to your skin. However, to use a tanning bed safely and to its fullest effect, you must invest in the best tanning lotion for tanning bed ( ) use.

How to Tan:

With the variety of skin types out there, everyone reacts to the sun (and to tanning beds) a bit differently. Fair skinned people, for example, often burn easily and then peel. Darker skinned people rarely burn, and often walk away from a day out in the sun, or a longer period of time in a tanning bed, with a tan and little or no burn at all. However, before you even step into the tanning salon, there are a number of steps you must do, including applying the best tanning lotion or tanning beds:

1.  Prep your skin. To prep your skin for the tanning bed, you’re going to want to shower and exfoliate your skin first. When you tan, UV rays are going through your skin and inducing your body to respond by producing the melanin that makes your skin darker. When you keep your skin freshly washed and exfoliated, your skin is ready to receive an influx of UV rays to tan your body evenly. However, if you don’t have time to deeply exfoliate your skin, then simply using a loofah during your shower works fine as well.

2.  Stay away from oil-based products and fragrances, and apply a non-oil-based, light moisturizer immediately after you shower. Additional products besides the best tanning lotion for tanning beds can create unnecessary complications when you tan. Those additional products that you apply before your tanning lotion can actually get in the way of an even tan. The products can react poorly to the tanning bed light, which could result in uneven tans, and they could actually damage the tanning bed. It’s best to simply avoid applying any extra products besides a tanning lotion before you tan.

3.  Less is best. Try to avoid wearing any makeup and jewelry during your tanning appointment. What you should apply is a lip balm with SPF protection, as your lips are rather sensitive and can easily become burnt in the light of a tanning bed. Additionally, wear tanning bed goggles to protect your eyes from the UV rays.

What Kind of Tanning Lotion Should You Get?

You want the best tanning lotion for tanning beds ( ) one that contains melanin stimulators and anti-aging agents for that perfect tan. This kind of tanning lotion protects your skin while leaving you with a beautiful, bronze glow. To apply the lotion evenly, use a circular motion all over your body. This ensures that you get a light, even coverage of tanning lotion to both help you tan and protect you from UV rays.

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