Eco-Friendly Ways for TV Recycling in Austin

Does your old TV is taking up space? Thinking for dumping your TV in the trash, but, keep in mind that not disposing of in an ethical way can be illegal in your area. As all TV sets contain heavy metals and hazardous materials, they are quite hard to dispose of in an eco-friendly manner. Rather than polluting the community, it is best to include donations, recycling and local junk removal for disposal. Dumping behind a dark parking area or an abandoned building is definitely not a good idea. So, here are few eco-friendly options for TV recycling in Austin ( ).


Throwing away your old television in the dumpster means ultimately it will end up in a landfill. Flat-screen LED TVs and old tube type TVs to contain toxic chemicals that pollute the soil, water, and air when they are dumped in a landfill and stays there. Rather you can help the economy when you choose to recycle your TV rather sending to the dump yard. Valuable materials like steel and plastic can be reused and saved in the manufacturing procedure of new materials and products when you are recycling your TV rather than throwing it in the garbage. Reusing the costly materials and creating more job opportunities in the recycling industry is the best thing you can do for your community.

Places for TV Recycling

Waste management service – Most of the waste disposal companies in Austin will allow their customers for dropping off their old sets through a recycling program or at recycling centers. For entering the recycling site, you need to bring your ID, latest utility bill and residence proof.

Recycling organization – You may able to get rid of your TV by getting it hauled during the weekly recycling pick up. If they have the option for pickup service for e-waste and electronics recycling, then you need to call in advance for scheduling a special pickup.

Going to a local recycling program – if the regular recycling pickup service in your area do not collect TV e-waste, then you need to enquire about battery and electronics recycling event in your area. Such events usually take place a few times annually and they are free of cost. But, you need to take your TV to the event to get it recycled.

Returning it to the manufacturer – Few manufacturers take back old TVs and recycle ( ) it themselves. Call your TV manufacturer and ask if they have any recycling options or a buy-back program.

Recycling or donating a large TV

If you own a large TV set then you can donate to various charitable organizations. But, first, you need some documents from them. Hotels, condos or apartments generally need a COI or Certificate of Insurance from any junk hauling company that usually picks up large items. Please make sure that you first meet the building manager prior to one week before the pickup so that there will be no delay in getting the COI.

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