Emergency Dentist- How Do You Know You Need Urgent Dental Care

Most people visit emergency departments in hospitals to receive dental care while more than 50% of these visits are considered semi-urgent whereas the others are non-urgent. This usually happens when people are uncertain about what meets the criteria of a dental emergency. Let us look at some of the dental emergencies and the reasons to visit an emergency dentist in Springfield, VA ( www.Dulacdds/Emergency-Dentist-Springfield ).

An emergency dentist provides after-hour services when you suffer from severe pain and bleeding that seldom responds on over the counter medications or home remedies. Some of these specific medical conditions include the following.

Severe toothache

You may require immediate dental care when you suffer from an unbearable toothache caused due to infection or abscess. Serious toothache is often the repercussion of an overlooked decay or cavity, which eventually affects the roots of the tooth. A severe toothache is also caused due to impact, although there might be no visible damage to the tooth. Toothache can also develop immediately after a tooth extraction, fillings, root canal treatment or a dental implant. Sometimes, over the counter medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen may seldom ease the pain. In such cases, it is a dental emergency, which requires immediate medical care.

Knocked out tooth

A tooth, which is knocked out of the socket, can also qualify as a dental emergency. While the episode of losing your tooth can be traumatic, remember that it is possible to re-insert the tooth into the socket if you are able to visit the dentist within an hour. Remember to find the lost tooth and lift it by the crown, run it under cold water, and push it into the socket in the right direction. In case you are unable to do that, place the tooth in a cup of milk and take it to your dentist as quickly as possible. Your dentist will clean the socket, re-insert your tooth in it, and use a wire to hold it in place. The tooth will fuse with the jawbone within a few weeks, making it stable once again.

Dental abscess and oral injuries

When an infection occurs in and around the root of a tooth, it can cause severe dental pain and discomfort. The infection can quickly spread to the adjacent teeth and jawbone, further exacerbating the condition. If it is followed by fever and severe pain, it is important to call an emergency dentist in Springfield, VA ( ), as quickly as possible.

Oral injuries such as accidental damage to your teeth and mouth, wounds on the cheeks, lips or tongue call for emergency dental care. Oral injuries can cause severe pain, bleeding and damage to your teeth and oral tissues. It is essential to seek immediate and professional dental care in case of such emergencies.

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