Purified Water for Babies- What You Must Know

Though water might appear the same, it is not. Apart from ensuring that your baby is fed the best formula milk from a good feeding bottle, it is also important to ascertain that it is mixed with clean and purified water. While some may suggest using tap water or spring water to mix formulas, it can do more harm than good. Baby formula is ingrained with essential minerals and vitamins, therefore mixing tap water or any other kind of water can cause an imbalance in the level of minerals. This can often lead to colic and digestive issues in your little one. Tap water might also contain high levels of lead, which can cause physical and mental developmental issues in babies.

Using Purified Water for Babies- Is It Safe?

When it comes to mixing baby formula, there is nothing safer than purified water as it is free from contaminants and minerals which are unessential for your baby. We might often wonder- what difference does it make when we use other kinds of water such as tap water or spring water which are considered pure. Bottled spring water can also cause digestive and other health issues in babies as they have an ultra-sensitive digestive system. Most experts recommend the use of only purified water to mix baby formula, mainly due to this reason.

Not all bottled water are safe, it is important to pick only purified water for babies ( ) and check the labels for its content before using it to mix formula. Purified water is free from fluoride, which can cause fluorosis and other health issues in babies. It is also free from contaminants and pollutants, making it the safest water for your precious little one.

Convenient and easy to carry

Using purified water for babies is also quite convenient, particularly when you are on the go. It is easy to carry around and mix formula milk when your little one is hungry. It is safe to use it without boiling, as it is free from unwanted minerals, taste enhancers, and addictives. It is also free from chlorine, as your little one hardly needs any of these ingredients during the initial stages of growth.

Before you use any kind of water, make sure to check the label of the package and always go by the directions mentioned on it. Never use more water in the formula than that is mentioned in the directions as too much water can negate the nutritional value of the formula milk. Just mix the right amount of purified water for babies ( ) in the formula milk so that your little one is healthy and happy!

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