The Potential and Scope of Advertising on Baidu in English

Being a promising business enterprise from West, while planning to advertise on Baidu in English ( adstochina.westwin/Advertising-on-Baidu-in-English ), if you’re wondering - why only Baidu? Then precisely we would say that with more than 74% of the Chinese digital market share, why won’t you consider promoting your business through Baidu?

Compared to numerous rivalry groups of Baidu in China, there is simply none that has earned the level of its popularity and recognition in this World’s biggest digital market arena. That is how; it would be the best way to gauge the popularity of Google in the West. Remarkably, employed by over 92% of the Chinese internet market, equating it to nearly 810 million of users, which should be no doubt the one and the only reason why businesses are so inspired to flourish their business through it.

Different researches over the decade have established that without having a presence in Baidu, businesses can never thrive in China, given that, consumers here simply don’t recognize a brand or company having no presence in Baidu. The brand image of Baidu means that just not will your business ads will successfully drive more and more Chinese users over 94% of which these days have gone mobile.. Therefore, if you’re really serious to boom your digital marketing endeavor in China, you have no other way to think beyond Baidu for your business success in China that helps build your brand awareness in Baidu in the fastest and consistent way.

How to Get Started:

Note carefully that unlike Google, Baidu is not entertaining its valued advertisers directly while its formalities to commence with it are quite critical for any Western business project. So, what is the way out? All you have to do is to find a digital marketing agency registered by Baidu to get started. In fact, being outfitted with such an agency is imperative for you because it helps in different ways to get started successfully and effectively with Baidu.

Steps to Follow

1)  First of all, being a Chinese search engine, it needs businesses to create a custom made Chinese business website, which must be composed in simple Mandarin language;

2)  It is obligatory for you to produce the details of your business license in west incorporated with your tax clearance certificate apart from a screenshot of your present website and more which will be verified by a dedicated Baidu team;

3)  Once you get approval from it, you need to deposit a specified amount of fee for getting registration apart from paying an annual service fee to continue with Baidu.

Core Advertisement Plan of Baidu

Baidu has been geared up with an array of advertising plans for budding to well-known groups to promote their brand.

Baidu’s PPC

Akin to Google AdWords’, Baidu’s PPC also known as Baidu Tuiguang facilitates advertisers to demonstrate their business ads specifically on paid advertising columns in its SERPs. If successfully integrated with Baidu’s SEO, you can get an incredible result of Baidu PPC.

Baidu Pay-for-Placement/ P4P

Baidu’s P4P ad program involves an online auction system enabling its valued advertisers to bid for priority positioning of their business ads.

Baidu Brand Zone

This ad plan enables you not only to promote your business through text ads, logos but equally facilitates you to display your ad in banners, videos, social links and more. To get the best mileage of your advertising, all that you need to do is paying a monthly fixed amount for having your preferred keywords to make sure that you’re activated in its ad plan continually.

Baidu TV

It’s a restricted ad plan of Baidu ( ) and is limited to only to its Union members to display promotional ads on a set of web pages whereas advertisers enjoy selecting sites they like for showing on their ads.

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