What Makes Dental Implants Different from Other Options?

Implants are undoubtedly one of the smartest options to restore missing teeth coupled with several other beneficial features. It is also the perfect alternative for restorative dental treatments, which include removable dentures or dental bridges. Implant-supported dentures are beneficial in many ways and some of these advantages are elaborated below.

Natural, comfortable, and long-lasting

One of the most advantageous features of dental implants in McLean ( mcleanhealthysmiles/dental-implants ) is that it appears and functions similar to your natural teeth. When it is fitted with the prosthetic tooth, it offers the strength and functions of your natural teeth, enabling you to chew and speak without any hindrance. It gives stability to your false teeth, which is unachievable when you choose dentures or other teeth restorative treatments. Implants are also long-lasting compared to conventional restorations. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants last for a longer period, which is one of the main reasons it has gained immense popularity in modern dentistry.

Improved ability

While most people complain of the effectiveness of dentures, which limits the ability to eat, chew and talk, dental implants are different. It is also quite similar to your natural teeth as it is anchored to the jawbone, making it a stable alternative for natural teeth. As a result, it improves the ability to eat and chew your food properly unlike dentures which slip often. It also provides the benefit of improved speech, which is seldom found when you choose partial or full dentures. Implants restore the structure of your jawbone by preserving the natural tissues of the tooth. It also reduces the chances of bone deterioration due to missing teeth, which can affect your facial, and bone features. Loss of teeth can often lead to premature aging as it creates a sunken appearance around the mouth. Dental implants keep the structure of your face intact by keeping the jawbones strong.

Affordable and easy to maintain

Implants are cost-effective and affordable when compared to other teeth restorative procedures which tend to become expensive as it needs constant replacements and alterations. Though implants are not for all, it is the best option if you are the right candidate. However, dental implants ( ) need regular care and maintenance similar to your natural teeth. You need to brush and floss your implants regularly so that it lasts for a longer period. Unlike the general myth that as implants are artificial teeth, it hardly requires care, implants can cause gum diseases, cavities, and other dental ailments. Therefore, it is essential to care for implants as you would for your natural teeth. Once you have become used to your dental implant, you will find yourself smiling and speaking confidently and freely, quite unlike the past when you had missing teeth.

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