Voice Marketing: The Next Step

The Changing Marketing Landscape

As the world becomes more and more technologically advanced and proficient, there is a marked shift in communications efficiency. Up until a few years ago, business communications over the internet were restricted to print media – emails, blogs, and articles – in order to market a brand or service. Since the advent of smartphones and widespread proliferation of voice-recognition technology, marketing communications have experienced a marked paradigm shift. That’s why voice marketing agencies ( drumroll/voice-marketing ) have become so necessary.

According to research conducted at Stanford University, people speak approximately 2.9 times faster than they write. The advent of voice recognition has, therefore, been a real boon to industry, particularly in marketing, where communication is paramount. Vocal searches are now beginning to supersede typing searches, which require substantially more effort, particularly if one's typing skills are not up to par. Additionally, the universal use of smartphones has furthermore broken down communications barriers between firms and potential clientele. This has provided fertile ground for the burgeoning voice marketing agency industry, and research has shown that voice-assisted searches are being used more and more.

The Voice Marketing Industry: How Does It Work?

To build one's brand in an increasingly competitive and heated market, print media is becoming less and less efficient in the face of possibilities for instantaneous communications. Print media is made more obsolete due to the growing use of smartphones and tablets over computers. Industries are now making the move toward audio content and audio advertising to get the word out over the growing din of market competition. Voice marketing agencies utilize techniques that attempt to optimize critical keyword content for search engine results catered to a market where conversational artificial intelligence (AI) was used by 72% of respondents in a survey conducted in 2019. Consumers are making the move toward consulting smart-speaker voice assistants, and industry is best advised to follow suit.

What Can A Voice Marketing Agency Do for Your Business?

Getting the word out for your business is naturally of high priority. A voice marketing agency can create appealing, compelling, and concise content to help bring appeal to your brand. Voice marketing agencies will apply simple conversational techniques to online content so results can be found quickly and by as many people as possible. Voice marketing integrates audio sounds and spoken voice content to websites and social media profiles, making it easier to be found in routine vocal queries. It takes into account demographic and gender information, and it focuses on trends attributable to disparate groups. It also takes into account what information potential consumers are looking for, and where they are listening with the ultimate goal of removing red tape between shoppers, businesses, shippers, supply chains, and the like.


It is becoming clearer that it is no longer the potential, but the necessity of voice marketing that is crucial in order for brands to compete in contemporary society. No longer is it sufficient to advertise through print content when people are switching from reading – a dedicated task – to voice searches – a passive task that can be undertaken in any place at any time with a minimum of effort. A good voice marketing agency ( ) understands this vitality and is poised at the forefront of this competitive atmosphere with the tools to expand a brand to its fullest capability.

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