How to Use WeChat Marketing to Boost Your Online Business in China

The significance of WeChat, one of the most popular social networking platforms in China, can seldom be stressed enough for entrepreneurs seeking to invest in this ever evolving and expanding country. This popular app takes pride in having over 800 million active users with its wide and varied features. The huge platform with an assortment of services can seem quite overwhelming to foreign entrepreneurs but it is simply impossible to penetrate the vast and varied Chinese market space without utilizing this unique and remarkable social platform.

Though WeChat ( ) appears tantamount to Whatsapp, in reality, it has a much wider coverage with an assortment of mini-programs. It is an omnipotent app with innumerable opportunities to reach out to the world through your mobile. Some of the most useful functions in this app include video calls, messaging, advertising options, online payments, microblogging and much more. One of the most convenient features of the Wechat app is that there is hardly any need to switch between apps while you perform your daily activities, which means you can video call your friend and pay your bills at the same time.

Ways to Use WeChat Marketing for Online Business

Businesses are naturally attracted to the convenience and functionality of the WeChat app as it allows them to open an account and use the platform for zero costs. Entrepreneurs can initiate an official account, which appears similar to a business website. Customers can purchase and makes payments through the WeChat account, which is beneficial for startup businesses.

Advertisement and high-quality content

Wechat is undoubtedly the most powerful platform for advertising products and services as it has a wide number of users which is why this marketing platform can also be utilized effectively to post good quality content. The Chinese are internet savvy and conduct thorough researches on products before purchasing them. Posting relevant content related to products is essential to promote your brand. The app also allows business entrepreneurs to post ads in any location on the webpage. However, an entrepreneur must have more than 100,000 followers to purchase these ads to promote their products and services on WeChat.

Lead generation

Wechat has specific functions that help entrepreneurs to generate leads through their platform. However, it is essential for entrepreneurs to remain active on this social networking app by conversing with prospective customers constantly. While it allows users to create a free account, entrepreneurs need to do the rest of the job, which includes posting blogs, videos, and specific details related to products and services. Entrepreneurs need to utilize the Wechat marketing ( www.adstochina.westwin/WeChat-Marketing ) platform meticulously to promote their online business in China. Wechat offers endless opportunities to market products and services in China with its ever-evolving and distinctive platform.

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