Why General Public Should Stop Buying Bulk Face Masks?

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ), unless you are taking care for someone who is having an infection like the new coronavirus, you are a health care professional, or you are infected, you need not have to purchase a mask now just because there is SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) outbreak. This outbreak has been a blessing for facemask sellers and manufacturers. Bulk face mask ( ) sales have been rising worldwide and with higher demand, many businesses have sold out the masks or limiting the number of masks that consumers can purchase. Never expect mask sellers to make you aware that you do not require the masks. After all, which business will say that you do not buy their product or screw the stakeholders? So, some sellers are cashing on this opportunity for increasing the prices. Please remember that purchasing the mask is just like buying a scented trash bag that ultimate is a huge loss of money. Most of the masks available will do nothing for you, which means if the mask is not tested and approved like an N95 respirator by the NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), it will not work well for stopping the coronavirus from reaching your nose or mouth.

The fact is most masks that are sold are not like N95/P2 respirators and provides no real protection. However, an N95 respirator mask is effective only when you are using it properly to form a tight seal with your face. Even if you wear it properly, these masks are not 100 percent effective as nothing in life is 100 percent! There is no evidence that how much protection the masks will offer when you will be using for longer periods. Additionally, masks can give you a negative sense of security. When health care personnel are wearing masks, they know who is carrying the pathogen or virus and that helps them to focus on where the risk is and how to eliminate the risk. They are also taking other preventive measures like wearing gloves, washing their hands, being attentive to what they are touching and disinfecting the surfaces. Putting on a mask still leaves your eyes exposed to get viruses when you are rubbing your eyes unless you are wearing airtight goggles at the same time. Generally, if you are not aware when you are putting on or removing your mask, you may end up rubbing viruses into your mouth, nose, or eyes. In addition to these, if you are not washing your hands before touching the mask you may end up touching your face with potentially dirty hands.

You should keep in mind while purchasing bulk face masks ( ) that you are spending a good amount of money that will not help much in the future. It will be better if you focus on cost-effective methods like washing hands thoroughly and frequently, keeping surfaces disinfected as well as clean and avoid touching your face, nose, and mouth frequently.

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