Importance of Providing Distilled Water to Your Baby

Babies always require the best care for their optimal growth. One such wellness step that you can do for taking care of your child is providing the best distilled water for baby formula ( ). If you are feeding formula to your baby then prepare it with distilled water only. If you mix the formula with spring or boiled tap water, it leads to various health issues. Simply it will defeat the purpose of providing your baby the best formula. To get distilled water, you need to purify the water by boiling and condensing the steam into liquid form. Distillation process helps in removing impurities and minerals from water and distillation is the best water purification method than others. Here are a few reasons why your baby should drink distilled water.

Zero risks of mineral overdose

Baby formula contains all the nutrients and minerals that an infant requires. Springwater contains a high quantity of minerals and when using it for baby formula, your little one can suffer from a mineral overdose. As per FDA regulations, infant formula is made with macronutrients and micronutrients and babies do not require any additional minerals in their diet other than the formula. Therefore, you need not have to worry about supplementing your baby’s diet with various liquids or mineral-rich water. You should know that there are various complications related to excessive use of minerals. Excessive phosphorus in the diet can be harmful to the organs and causes diarrhea. Excess iron intake can interfere with the thyroid gland, affect the liver, weaken bones, heart complications, and lead to other issues. It can severely affect the health and the growth of the baby. Excessive fluoride causes neurological issues and leads to white streak-like patterns on the teeth referred to as dental fluorosis. So, when using the best distilled water for baby formula ( ), you can able to protect your baby from a mineral overdose.

Getting pure water

With the distillation procedure, one gets the purest form of water. It contains no minerals and impurities. For distilling the water, the first step is to filter the water before entering the distillation chamber. The distilled water is stored in silos where temperature can be controlled before being treated with ozone. When the water is stored, the ozone levels need to be checked constantly. The bottles for water packaging are also being decontaminated with ozone. After it is filled, the bottles are immediately capped and proper care is taken to make sure that no cross-contamination occurs. Therefore, if you want to provide distilled water for your baby’s formula, it will be very safe for your child. You can also use water that is being purified by the deionization procedure. However, it removes only the mineral ions and the impurities will be present in the water. Another way to purify water is reverse osmosis but only some amounts of minerals can be removed. Only when the water goes through the distillation process it can guarantee you of complete purity.

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