The Best Tanning Lotion Protects You and the Tanning Bed Too

Can a tanning bed provide all the health and appearance benefits of getting a tan from an afternoon at the beach? It sure can, and maybe even better, if you have the best tanning lotion that you can get. Tanning lotion is important, and knowing the best tanning lotion for an indoor tanning bed can make everything a lot simpler, and do wonders for anyone’s healthy appearance. No matter where in the world you are, and no matter what the weather, you can get the best tan by using the best tanning lotion that was made for a tanning bed.

What does a tanning lotion do anyway?

Tanning lotions are a definite essential for getting a great indoor tan. They promote the production of melanin usually by increasing the blood flow to the skin, and they may or may not contain sunscreen. The best tanning bed lotions do contain sunscreen, however, because the sunscreen is necessary to protect from the ultraviolet rays of the tanning bed.

Indoor tanning lotions for tanning beds have other benefits too. First of all, they are designed to be as friendly to your skin as they are to the tanning bed. In other words, the best tanning lotion for a tanning bed ( ) is not going to cause build up or do damage to the acrylic in the tanning bed. This is the main reason why tanning lotions for outdoors are not recommended in tanning beds. Indoor tanning lotions do not contain mineral oils as those can damage the surface of the acrylic protective shields.

The best tanning lotions for a tanning bed smell great, too, and this is another thing that makes them sought after. The best ones smell like some of nature’s great ingredients such as aloe, pomegranate, coconut oil or jojoba. These ingredients also moisturize and protect the skin. A great tanning lotion will keep the skin soft and fresh, and it will also not harm tattoos or other markings on the skin.

Look great now!

The best tanning lotions for a tanning bed speed up the process of getting that great bronzed, sun-loving look. Especially if you just can’t get to the beach right now. You can still look like you spend all day under the sun, but without doing the damage to your skin that can happen if you did spend all day under the sun. Tan without burning or turning red. Tan without dehydrating with a great tanning lotion. One other benefit of looking like you were out in the sun, especially during the rainy months, or the winter season, is feeling the benefits of it. Tanning lotions smell great, feel great on the skin, and are a slice of luxury when you feel trapped inside.

Some tanning lotions have dual actions that can take you from pale to bronze over a few hours as the lotion absorbs and oxidizes the skin continues to warm and darken. The best results come after about four hours. Finally, don’t assume that you don’t need sunscreen protection when you are not in the sun. Choose the best tanning lotion for tanning beds ( ) that protects as well.

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